rescue_patch Monterey County Sheriff's Office
 Search and Rescue 
So that others may live

What We Do

MCSO SAR volunteers respond to an average of 65 emergency calls each year. Typical missions include:

· Wilderness searches for missing or injured hikers.
· Urban searches for Alzheimer's patients or lost children.
· Rescuing injured hikers in the backcountry.
· Swiftwater rescues due to flooding.
· Rescues or recoveries resulting from vehicles that drive off cliffs.
· Evidence or abduction searches for law enforcement.
· Searches for downed aircraft.
· Body recoveries of various types.
· Mutual aid searches during urban disasters.

Our team enjoys a close working relationship with all Monterey County Fire Urban Search and Rescue units; local, state, and federal parks and forest services; and local and state law enforcement agencies.